At Billwerk+, we prioritize the security and protection of your data. Here’s how we ensure the safety of your information:

1. Server location in Europe: We store your data on servers located within Europe. This ensures compliance with European data protection regulations and provides an added layer of security.

2. Encryption: We employ multiple layers of encryption to safeguard your client data. This ensures that your information remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

3. Compliance with European regulatory requirements: Billwerk+ is fully compliant with all European data protection regulations. This means that your data is handled in accordance with the strictest privacy standards and guidelines.

– GoBD Conformity: Our system adheres to the GoBD (Principles for Proper Management and Storage of Books, Records, and Documents) standards. This ensures that your financial records are organized, transparent, and compliant with German tax regulations.

– PCI DSS Compliance: We maintain Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance. This certification ensures that we adhere to rigorous security protocols when handling payment card information, providing a secure environment for online transactions.

– ZUGFeRD: The ZUGFeRD signifies that our invoicing and billing processes comply with the ZUGFeRD (Zentraler User Guide des Forums elektronische Rechnung Deutschland) standard. This standard enables the exchange of electronic invoices in a structured format, promoting efficiency and accuracy in invoice processing.

– GDPR: We are GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. The GDPR is a comprehensive data protection regulation that sets high standards for the privacy and security of personal data. Compliance with GDPR ensures that your client data is handled with the utmost care and respect for individual privacy rights.

– Qualiopi: Qualiopi compliance represents our commitment to quality and professionalism in handling client data. It signifies that we adhere to the standards set by Qualiopi, an independent organization that assesses and certifies the quality of professional training services.

Please find more information on data protection below:

General Data Protection Regulation

Data Protection Notice

Data Processing Agreement