Plans designed to grow with your business


For businesses with annual revenue up to €100K

€ 49 / month

Includes €7500 revenue per month*

Everything necessary to start your subscription business right away

  • Unlimited Plans
  • Add-ons and additional costs
  • Coupons and discounts
  • Dunning Management
  • Plugins and apps
  • Hosted pages
  • Email templates
  • APIs and webhooks
  • GDPR and PCI DSS compliant
  • Billwerk+ Payments included**


For businesses with annual revenue over €100K

Features to facilitate advanced configurations and contract lifecycle management

Everything necessary to manage your growing subscription business

  • All features in Lite
  • Multiple accounts
  • Multiple currencies
  • Multilingual
  • Checkout customizations
  • Risk Filter
  • Transaction routing
  • SSO

Premium & Enterprise

Get a custom offer tailored to your individual needs

Features to address diverse tax and compliance needs of businesses with global footprints

Everything necessary to run and scale a global subscription business

  • All features in Expert
  • Automatic VAT-ID check
  • e-invoicing
  • EBICS and Virtual IBAN
  • Chargeback handling
  • Deferrals
  • Write-offs
  • Accounting exports

* The included revenue is applicable for the first twelve months after signup. During this period a merchant will be charged a monthly platform fee of €49 that includes €7500 of invoiced revenue amount. Additional and ongoing revenue will be charged with 0.75% of the invoiced revenue amount.

**Lite and Expert packages includes Billwerk+ Payments. Payment processing fee of 0,08€ applies for all non-subscription related payment transaction. Banking, processing, acquiring fees is not included and may depend on the payment method. More info can be found here.

Feature overview

Lite Expert Premium & Enterprise
Subscription Management
Plans Basic Basic Advanced
Coupons Basic Basic Advanced
Pricing Models
Emails Basic Basic Advanced
Custom domains for email
Billing & Invoicing Automation
Manual invoice & Credit note
Automatic VAT-ID check
Custom PDF templates
Order Approval
Invoice sequence numbering Basic Advanced
Threshold Billing
Post sending
Billwerk+ Payments *
Recurring payment methods (Credit Card, SEPA Direct Debit, Apple Pay, Vipps recurring...)
Acquiring and Transaction routing
Risk Filter
Customized checkout
Virtual IBAN
Payments & Checkout
Dunning management (payment escalation) Basic Basic Advanced
Automated Bank Reconciliation
Chargeback handling
3rd Party PSP Integrations
Accounting & Revenue Recognition
Multiple Tax policies Basic Basic Advanced
Write-off unrecoverable debt
Accounting exports
Reporting & Customer Lifetime Management
Analytics Basic Basic Advanced
General Reports Basic Basic Advanced
Accounting and Controlling Reports Basic Basic Advanced
Multi-language support Basic Advanced
Multi-tenant hierarchy Basic Advanced
Multi-currency support Basic Advanced
Integrations, Customisations and APIs
Self-service portal
Custom fields Basic Advanced
Billwerk+ CRM connector
eCommerce connectors (WooCommerce, Shopware) Yes Yes
Data Protection & Security
GDPR compliance
Country white-list
Two-Factor Authentication
User Role Management
Audit Log
Phone Included
Chat Support Included
Email Support
Dedicated Account Manager

Billwerk+ Subscription
Management Features:

Revenue relationships - icon

Revenue Relationships

Revenue Relationships help YOU understand and predict your future revenue streams. You have all the critical information for budgeting, forecasting, and making strategic decisions about the direction and growth of your business.

Learn more
Revenue operations - icons

Revenue Operations

Optimize and streamline the processes and systems that support YOUR revenue generation. From pricing, billing, customer acquisition and retention, and financial forecasting, Billwerk+ supports you with the revenue operations that are all critical for driving growth and long-term success for your business.

Learn more
Subscription Life Cycle - icon

Subscription Lifecycle

Subscription lifecycle management for a 360-degree customer experience and long-lasting customer relationships. Understanding and managing the stages your customer goes through when engaging with your subscription offering, from acquisition to retention and potential churn is crucial for optimizing customer engagement and revenue growth for your business.

Learn more
Billing Automation - icon

Billing Automation

Billing automation & invoicing, payment management, smart account reconciliation and receivables management: Benefit from error-free invoices and an automated dunning process and relieve your financial department of manual processes.

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Payment Automation - icon

Payment Automation

Make YOUR payments easier with Billwerk+ Payment. You can improve your customers shopping experience and offer them their preferred payment methods. Integrate your website with our payment gateway to get a secure and trustworthy payment solution for your e-commerce, that is easy to set up and administrate.

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Financial accounting - icon

Financial Accounting

Manage your cash flow and maintain accurate financial records with the financial accouting options Billwerk+ offers. We help you track and understand your performance over time. So you can make informed business decisions and are compliant with financial reporting regulations.

Learn more
Reporting Archiving - icon

Reporting & Archiving

Correct and reliable reporting and archiving is inevitable for compliance, auditing, business intelligence, customer service, and records keeping. With Billwerk+ your are GoBD compliant and follow all rules of GDPR.

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Subscription Analytics - icon

Subscription Analytics

Gain insight into customer behavior and identify areas for improvement in order to increase revenue and improve customer engagement with the most important KPIs and metrics for your recurring revenue.

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Customer Retention Optimization - icon

Customer Retention Optimization

Reduce customer churn and improve retention to increase your revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as improve the overall health of your subscriber base.

Learn more