Sofacto becomes Billwerk+2023-11-20T09:52:36+02:00

Sofacto >> Billwerk+

Sofacto product remains the provider of
THE Salesforce Native Application
for billing and subscription management

Sofacto >> Billwerk+

Sofacto product remains the provider of
THE Salesforce Native Application
for billing and subscription management

Sofacto Powered by Billwerk+ - Salesforce App, native

Sofacto, the Salesforce native app for billing and subscription management, has rebranded to Billwerk+ following a merger with European industry leaders, Reepay – payment gateway leader solution in Danemark- and billwerk -first subscription management solution in Germany-.

Take your billing and
subscription management
to the next level with Sofacto

Sofacto by Billwerk+ offers you the ability to invoice and collect seamlessly from Salesforce, and it takes this capability to the next level with added resources and expertise from Reepay and Billwerk.

Many leading companies already rely on the European billing & subscription management market leader BILLWERK+.

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We are thrilled to announce that Sofacto has merged with Reepay and Billwerk to form Billwerk+ – the ultimate solution for all YOUR billing and subscription needs. With our combined resources and expertise, we can now offer you an even more comprehensive and efficient solution. Don’t miss out on the advanced features and unparalleled customer service that Billwerk+ has to offer.

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Why Sofacto?

Sofacto by Billwerk+ is not just a regular Salesforce application, it is a comprehensive system that handles billing and subscription management. It is seamlessly integrated into your Salesforce environment, allowing you to enhance your interactions with customers and streamline your billing procedures.
All your information is consolidated and easily accessible whenever required!

Invoice, manage recurring revenue, and collect cash effortlessly from Salesforce with Sofacto powered by Billwerk+

  • Effortlessly access all your customer and lead information
  • Quickly implement and manage new business models and offers
  • Streamline operations by automating tasks and reducing manual data entry
  • Gain a clear understanding of your financial performance
  • Facilitate cross-department vision of your customers’ lifetime value
sofacto becomes billwerk+

Why do YOU need a billing and subscription management solution Sofacto powered by Billwerk+?

Improve your cash & treasury performance

  • Billing & dunning process more reliable and efficient
  • Manual work is automated
  • Reporting and accuracy in the analysis are improved
  • Compliance with legal norms is ensured

Lower TCO and improve security

  • Easy-to-test solution that fits your organization’s architecture

  • IT structure is consistent and performant

  • All your data is secured

Maximize upselling and cross-selling

  • Launch offers faster
  • Keep track of your customers’ activities
  • Get a 360-degree view of your clients
  • Improve retention and revenue growth
  • Minimize time-to-market & acquisition costs
  • Increase lead generation
  • Get a full overview of your customers and target groups
  • Better approach to the customer lifecycle

Improve Revenue Performance

  • Foster cross-collaboration within your organization
  • Automate processes
  • Reduce human costs
  • Minimize risks

Discover how Sofacto by Billwerk+ can streamline your billing and subscription management process

More + + +
for YOU!

To help propel YOUR business model forward Billwerk+
ensures you:

  • You won’t need a full-time developer to build a system, and your finance administrator can easily maintain a complex billing solution with Billwerk+
  • You get more time to focus on your business, instead of building your own invoice and/or subscription services
  • You can analyse and understand your customers on a higher level and control the full user experience, which helps you to provide your customers with a good shopping experience
  • You get a payments and subscription management system that comes with with many functionalities, to help you optimise your business
  • You get a user-friendly, flexible and secure solution that provide you with many details regarding your clients, invoices and administration

Sign up today
and discover how Billwerk+
can benefit your business

More about Sofacto

When was Sofacto created?2023-01-28T15:35:00+02:00

The journey of Sofacto started in 2015 in France. The French market was asking for an invoicing solution, but not a random one, an invoicing solution in the cloud that could be connected to a CRM.
That’s what makes the difference, instead of separating departments, Sofacto brings together the different departments to have everything in a single environment.

In January 2022, billwerk announced that it had joined forces with Sofacto. Sofacto’s subscription management and recurring billing application was built on and fully integrated with the Salesforce Lightning platform, allowing customers to manage billing, invoicing, subscriptions and payments directly within their CRM. Headquartered in Montpellier, the eponymous application is used by over 165 enterprises in France and their subsidiaries abroad.

The addition of Sofacto to the billwerk Group is expected to expand the group’s product offering by integrating the Salesforce ecosystem into the group’s existing suite of software solutions.

7 benefits of using a SaaS billing & SaaS payment solution2023-01-24T11:43:26+02:00


  1. Automation and streamlining of billing and payment processes, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced manual errors. 
  1. Ability to easily scale pricing and plans as a business grows. 
  1. Detailed reporting and analytics on SaaS billing and SaaS payment data. 
  1. Reduced costs and minimised errors associated with maintaining an in-house billing and payment infrastructure. 
  1. Improved customer experience with self-service options for managing subscriptions and payments. 
  1. Ability to accept a variety of payment methods. 
  1. Flexibility to offer free trials, discounts, and promotions. 



How can SaaS businesses benefit from a subscription management solution?2023-01-24T11:43:39+02:00

A subscription management tool can benefit Software-as-a-Service companies in various ways:  


  • Automated billing & payments: A subscription management solution can automate the billing process, saving time, effort, costs, and resources. 
  • Revenue management: By effectively managing the revenue streams, a subscription management solution can support businesses in forecasting and planning their revenues more accurately, which in turn makes financial forecasting and budgeting easier. 
  • Improved customer experience: A subscription management solution can enable businesses to improve their customer experience by making it easy for customers to manage and update their subscriptions. 
  • Scalability: As a business grows, a scalable subscription management solution can grow with it, enabling the management and tracking of a growing number of subscribers. 
  • Lastly, a subscription management solution can provide businesses with valuable insights and data on their clients, e.g. tracking of customer usage and engagement, as well as patterns. 
Why a subscription management solution essential for SaaS businesses?2023-01-24T11:43:48+02:00

A subscription management solution is important for SaaS businesses as it supports the automation and streamlining of SaaS billing & SaaS payment processes, which in turn may save time, costs, and resources. In short, a good SaaS billing & SaaS payment solution helps SaaS businesses to better manage and grow their business & revenue, facilitate the order-to-cash lifecycle, as well as create a frictionless subscriber experience. 

How can I reach out your customer service care?2023-01-20T16:26:52+02:00


If you’re a customer, please log in to Sofacto community

In case you need any help/support please refer to our support team:


What does “Native App” means?2023-01-20T16:21:09+02:00

A “native” application means that instead of being created outside of the Salesforce ecosystem and then integrated into Salesforce using a Salesforce API, the App is created 100% into Salesforce. So there is no need to integrate a native application with Salesforce because it already resides in Salesforce. Some call it  a seamless integration.”

Can I use Sofacto without Salesforce?2023-01-20T16:17:15+02:00

It is only possible to use Sofacto Powered by Billwerk+ if you already use or will acquire Salesforce as your CRM.