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Subscription Lifecycle

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Billwerk+ Subscription Management Hub | Subscription Lifecycle | Billing Automation

We are your partner for a 360-degree customer experience and long-lasting customer relationships. Make your subscription lifecycle even better.

Understanding and managing the stages your customer goes through when engaging with your subscription offering, from acquisition to retention and potential churn is crucial for optimizing customer engagement and revenue growth for the business.

  • Easily and reliably manage upgrades, downgrades, renewals, cancellations, pauses, and more
  • Manage trials and and unexpected contingencies with ease

  • Adjust and extend trial periods

  • Self-service center for your customers

  • European data protection according to GDPR

  • With automated emails, you can keep your customers informed with regular updates

  • Automatic sending of event-triggered emails e.g. for shipping confirmations after product orders

  • Flexible, automated dunning process

  • Out-of-box integrations for all needs around the subscription lifecycle

More than 2000 leading companies are already relying on Billwerk+, the European market leader for subscription lifecycle

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“Billwerk+ scales perfectly for us so far, and I have no concerns that we won’t be able to manage much larger subscription customer bases with Billwerk+.”

Björn Hoffmann, Managing Director & CTO, Duden Learnattack

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Everything you need to advance your subscription lifecycle.

Benefits for YOUR business

  • Products / Services catalog & terms and conditions

  • Flexible product structure

  • Easy management of tariffs

  • Discounts & Coupons

  • Net/Gross prices

  • Price scales

  • Bucket pricing

  • Multi-currency support

  • Contract Management

  • Flexible trial phases

  • Up-/downgrades at any point in time

  • Flexible binding and notice periods

  • Lifecycle automation

  • Compliance with the “Fair Consumer Contract Act”

  • Multi-language support

Subscription Lifecycle | Billwerk+ Subscription Management

With Billwerk+ Subscription Management & Subscription Lifecycle we help YOU to:

  • Minimize churn through streamlined management of customer relations and discount campaigns

  • Acquire customers through freemiums and trials

  • Execute your cross and upsell strategy

  • Provide self-service subscription management and renewals

  • Monetize new offerings quickly

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You know what’s best for your business, and we know how to find the matching solution to perfect your subscription lifecycle. Let’s talk!

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subscription lifecycle

By building strong relationships with your customers you can increase sales and customer loyalty. Make the experience for your customers even better with automated subscription lifecycle management.

3 top trends for a 360-degree subscription lifecycle?2023-01-22T12:18:26+02:00
  1. Personalization: Subscription services are increasingly tailoring the user experience to individual preferences and behavior, using data and analytics to provide a more personalized experience.
  2. Omnichannel engagement: Subscription services are using multiple channels to engage with customers, such as email, mobile apps, SMS, and social media, to provide a seamless and consistent experience across all touchpoints.
  3. Predictive analytics: Subscription services are using machine learning and predictive analytics to anticipate subscriber behavior and proactively address potential issues, such as churn, through targeted messaging and offers.
What are the most common challenges for a subscription lifecycle?2023-01-22T12:16:29+02:00

Retention and churn are common challenges in the subscription lifecycle. Retention refers to the ability to keep subscribers engaged and interested in the product or service, while churn refers to the loss of subscribers. Another challenge is trying to upsell or cross-sell to existing subscribers to increase revenue.

What is the subscription lifecycle?2023-01-22T12:14:02+02:00

A subscription lifecycle refers to the different stages that a subscriber goes through from signup to cancellation. It includes stages such as trial, active, past due, and canceled.