SevDesk – A scalable business through automatization

“Thanks to the high level of automatization of internal processes, we are scalable for future growth. This means we will remain competitive in the future.”

Fabian Silberer, Chief Executive Officer at SevDesk GmbH

sevDesk by SevDesk GmbH

Automatization of the processes

The “sevDesk” accounting software showed high customer growth. As a result, the need for automated billing, payment and accounts receivable management became increasingly relevant to the scalability of the business model. The optimization of the cash management was as well an important point in the requirements of SevDesk GmbH.

Requirements for payment providers and integrations

In order to meet SevDesk GmbHs special requirements for the sevDesk accounting software, Billwerk+ integrated the payment provider PAYONE for SEPA direct debit, credit card and PayPal for the release. The internal integration of a BI tool and debt collection provider enabled further scalability requirements to be met.

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Successful scalability

By introducing Billwerk+’s billing and payment solution, a better scalability was achieved due to the high degree of process automation. A major advantage for sevDesk’s further growth was the integration of a business intelligence tool and debt collection provider. A high level of control over the processes and finances provides planning security for SevDesk GmbH.

About SevDesk

In 2014, SEVENIT GmbH launched the sevDesk cloud software. Shortly afterwards, the “Initiative Mittelstand (Initiative for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises)” awarded the accounting software the “Best of 2014” innovation prize. Nowadays, sevDesk is used by more than 45,000 people from over ten countries and is growing by over 10 percent each month. In 2019 SEVENIT GmbH renamed themselves and is now officially SevDesk GmbH.

More than 2000 leading companies are already relying on Billwerk+, the European market leader for subscription management and payment solutions.

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