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No matter if your business is small or large, Billwerk+ has the payments, subscriptions and Salesforce CRM solution for YOU. Our products and services come in four different package sizes, designed to simplify your business and SME subscription payment needs.

Benefits by size SME - subscription payment with Billwerk+

With Billwerk+ you get a complete solution with billing, payment, subscription and CRM management that are integrated and easy to manage. Whether you need the full product package or just parts of the Billwerk+ solution, we are here for you and your business. You won’t need a full-time developer building a system of your own, with Billwerk+ you get an easy-to-use solution flexible to your business needs, and with our independent acquiring you get the best acquiring deal for your SME subscription payment.

Start building your recurring revenue with Billwerk+ today – and should you have any questions, our support team is ready to help!

  • Opportunities to upsell and cross sell, using a subscription service

  • Minimize the risk of chargeback and fraud with a secure payment gateway

  • Secured by tools like 3D Secure
  • Simple pricing for any business size
  • Independent acquiring service for international cards and currency
  • Increase sales by accepting the most popular payment methods and international currencies

  • Get predictable income with recurring subscription revenue

  • Simplified billing and payment process for you and your customers

  • Easy to use dashboard administration
  • Many integrations and plugins to empower your business

  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement with a customer club subscription service

  • Dedicated support staff ready to help you
  • Automated dunning process
  • Free test account with unlimited trial period

With Billwerk+, you can accept payments online from everyone and anywhere


“Previously we used bank transfers to handle payments, and there was just too much manual work with that system. When we changed to Billwerk+, suddenly everything was automatic. We find ourselves spending a lot less time on management and administration, and we get much more time to focus on finding and taking care of new members of Champagneklubben.”

Mikkel Hagerup, co-owner of Danish ChampagneKælderen.
Mikkel runs the successful customer club Champagneklubben with
Billwerk+ Subscription Management.

Billwerk+ comes with many benefits for Your SME subscription payment, such as:

Quick identification of approved payments

Easy invoice overview

Easy team administration for you and your coworkers

Statistics module, so you can follow your e-commerces development and adjust your strategy

Flexible price adjustments

Easy credit, discount and coupon configuration

Many customisable templates for email and text message automation

Subscription management plugin that you can connect with WooCommerce directly in your WordPress site

Secure online transactions safe from fraud with our payment gateway, where your sensitive information such as card data is encrypted

Why Billwerk+ is a good choice:

  • You won’t need a full-time developer to build a system, and your finance administrator can easily maintain a complex billing solution with Billwerk+
  • You get more time to focus on your business, instead of building your own invoice and/or subscription services
  • You can analyse and understand your customers on a higher level and control the full user experience, which helps you to provide your customers with a good shopping experience
  • You get a SME subscription payment and subscription management system that comes with with many functionalities, to help you optimise your business

  • You get a user-friendly, flexible and secure solution that provide you with many details regarding your clients, invoices and administration

Billwerk+ SME subscription
payment for YOU

I need to add a user to the admin dashboard. How do I do this?2023-01-14T12:55:05+02:00

It’s super easy for you to add, delete and manage what roles your users have in the Billwerk+ payment gateway dashboard, formerly known as Reepay dashboard. Just follow this guide!

My business is aimed to the Nordic countries. Which payment methods are important to offer?2023-01-14T12:56:04+02:00

With Billwerk+ you get a wide range of payment methods to use for e-commerce and retail payment, so you can be sure that you can offer your customers the payment methods they prefer. Read about the 8 most popular payment methods in the Nordics in our blog post.

Can I use subscriptions in my retail?2023-01-13T13:28:40+02:00

Absolutely! Subscriptions is a good way to grow revenue for both retail and e-commerce, and you can even offer subscriptions in store. Read more on our Danish successful customer Matas, who offer subscriptions both in store and online.

How can I best handle seasonal high volume retail payments?2023-01-13T13:11:00+02:00

For big shopping seasons such as Black Friday, Christmas and New Years sales there are some preparations you can do for your retail payments. Read our 5 tips on preparing for Black Friday here

Where can I learn more on e-invoicing?2023-01-13T13:08:39+02:00

E-invoicing can be a very useful part to your e-commerce billing system. You can read more about it in this blog post!

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