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Tokenization solves many credit card update problems by replacing the usual (stored) highly sensitive card information with a specific, individual [...]

Read, why a successful business model profits from a professional subscription software and why that matters for your employees and your customers.

Rolling reserves pertain to funds retained by your payment processors, the acquirers, from your merchant transactions, serving as a form of safeguard.

Are you thinking of adding subscription boxes to your e-commerce store? Billwerk+ has listed the top benefits of having a subscription business!

Billwerk+ and plenigo are joining forces to strengthen the group’s presence in publishing and media and to enhance its position as a pan-European [...]

In the fast-paced world of business, where cash flows are the heartbeat, maintaining financial stability becomes a challenge. Payment reconciliation is [...]

Developed in partnership with Visa, tokenisation is the next move in the payment industry’s development journey.

For a merchant to be able to process payments acquiring is practically vital. To do this, merchants need an acquiring agreement with an acquiring bank.

Acquiring - The meaning of the word is: to come into possession, ownership, or control; An acquirer is a financial institution that processes credit [...]