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Increase the lifetime value of YOUR customers and reduce the costs associated with acquiring new ones. Retention optimization helps in maintaining a stable and predictable revenue stream, which is crucial for forecasting and budgeting.

The increased lifetime value of YOUR customers, reduced customer acquisition costs, and a stable and predictable revenue stream are the benefits of retention optimization.

  • Easily and reliably manage upgrades, downgrades, renewals, cancellations, pauses, and more
  • Manage trials and and unexpected contingencies with ease

  • Adjust and extend trial periods

  • Self-service center for your customers

  • European data protection according to GDPR

More than 2000 leading companies are already relying on Billwerk+, the European market leader for subscription management and retention optimization

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“Billwerk+ has become a core component of our business that just works and costs us little attention.”

Björn Hoffmann, Managing Director & CTO, Duden Learnattack

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Everything you need to improve YOUR customer retention rate

Benefits for YOUR business

  • Products / Services catalog & terms and conditions

  • Flexible product structure

  • Easy management of tariffs

  • Discounts & Coupons

  • Net/Gross prices

  • Price scales

  • Bucket pricing

  • Multi-currency support

  • Contract Management

  • Flexible trial phases

  • Up-/downgrades at any point in time

  • Flexible binding and notice periods

  • Compliance with the “Fair Consumer Contract Act”

  • Multi-language support
Customer Retention Optimization | Billwerk+ Subscription Management

With Billwerk+ Subscription Management for your retention optimization we help YOU to:

  • Reduce churn and maximise retention by professional management of customer relationships

  • Enhance subscriber experience through self-service and renewals

  • Acquire customers through freemiums and trials

  • Execute your cross and upsell strategy

  • Provide self-service subscription management and renewals

  • Find out what your customers really want and build a lasting relationship with them.

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More about
retention optimization

By improving retention, you can increase revenue and customer lifetime value, as well as improve the overall health of your subscriber base.

What is retention optimization?2023-01-25T11:26:14+02:00

Retention optimization is the process of improving customer retention in a subscription business through the use of data, analytics, and marketing techniques. This can include strategies such as identifying and addressing customer pain points, personalizing communication and offers, implementing customer loyalty programs, and continuously testing and optimizing different retention tactics. The goal of retention optimization is to keep customers engaged and satisfied with the subscription service, reducing the risk of churn and maximizing the lifetime value of each customer.

What are the benefits of retention optimization for recurring business models?2023-01-25T11:08:43+02:00

Retention optimization provides subscription businesses with a number of benefits, such as increasing the lifetime value of customers and reducing the costs associated with acquiring new ones. Additionally, it helps in maintaining a stable and predictable revenue stream, which is crucial for forecasting and budgeting for the business.

Why is retention optimization so important for subscription businesses2023-01-30T11:54:37+02:00
  1. Increased lifetime value of customers: Retention optimization helps subscription businesses to keep their customers for longer periods of time, which increases the overall revenue generated from each customer.
  2. Reduced customer acquisition costs: Retention optimization helps to reduce the costs associated with acquiring new customers, as it is less expensive to retain existing customers than it is to acquire new ones.
  3. Stable and predictable revenue stream: Retention optimization helps subscription businesses to maintain a stable and predictable revenue stream, which is crucial for forecasting and budgeting. This allows companies to make informed decisions about the direction and growth of the business.