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plenigo is the subscription management platform for modern user financing in the publishing and media industry.

plenigo supports the user-friendly mapping of diverse business models in the digital and traditional publishing and media world on a software-as-a-service platform.

Modern publishers and media companies need a highly scalable and flexible technology base to develop offers, win customers and expand their business. plenigo provides this base.

We would be happy to show you in a demo how our software creates the basis for modern media sales and is digital first, but also thinks about print.

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The most innovative media houses in Germany and Europe build, operate and develop the future of their subscription business with plenigo.

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Subscription Management

With plenigo, a wide variety of offer models can be mapped quickly and easily – for digital, print and other media products. Combine different products into offers with any duration. The management of subscriptions and purchases, upgrades and downgrades, renewals and cancellations is fully automated.

Access Management und Entitlements

A central function in digital business models for reader-funded content is the secure control of access rights. The simple question: Is the user allowed to access this content or does he have to buy it first? This is solved by plenigo in a secure, reliable and easy to implement way.
The optional Single Sign On solution from plenigo also offers a wide range of relevant functions to implement access to content in a user-friendly and secure way.

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Smart Payment

Payment transactions are a confidential matter. The integrated payment gateways of many large providers ensure that your payments are handled quickly and safely. With all common payment methods, all markets and target groups are open to your business. Instead of complex technical implementation, the multitude of payment methods can be activated simply by configuration.