Przelewy24 payment plugin for Shopify

If you’re using a Shopify e-commerce store, you can accept payments with Przelewy24 directly in your webshop!

Przelewy24 is a widely used online payment method in Poland, allowing the customers to pay using their own bank accounts via different payment options; e.g. bank transfers, credit cards, mobile payment, e-wallets.

Payment plugin for Przelewy24 in Shopify

Przelewy24 payment

  • Accept Przelewy24 directly in your Shopify e-commerce store
  • Gives a great conversion rate at checkout
  • Get the most used payment method in Poland

Before installation

We always recommend that you back up your webshop before installing a module. Use of the plugin is at your own risk and we can only provide limited support for installation and use of the integration.

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