Billwerk+ is the SaaS Billing-Software for your Business Growth

Our recurring billing software offers you seamless and automated billing processes, customization options for your pricing, discounts, and subscription plans, automated dunning flows and fraud protection.

Billwerk+ Product

Get your recurring revenue onto the next level with Billwerk+.

Leverage your growth potential with a platform that supports efficient scaling.

4000+ Customers | 150 API-Endpoints | 1500 Integration Flows

4000+ Kunden | 150 API-Endpoints | 1500 Integrationsflows

Let your SaaS strategy come to life in one scalable solution

Subscription management is all about flexible pricing, easy onboarding and automated billing to ensure high retention, enable cross-selling and avoid churn.

  • Multi-currency plans to tailor plans to your market and add-ons to increase your MRR

  • Variable billing cycles and definition of smart rules for billing periods, partial periods and proration handling

  • Discount, coupons, trial periods to attract customers with the right plan and experiment with different approaches
Billwerk+ Feature

Manage your Subscription Lifecycle

SaaS is in constant engagement with customers, that’s why automation, flexibility and self-service are key.

  • Automated subscription renewals, recurring billing and reminders increase efficiency and save you valuable time
  • Customer portal with self-service options for a positive customer experience

Managen Sie Ihren Subscription & Kunden Lifecycle

SaaS bietet die Möglichkeit, regelmäßig mit Ihren Kunden zu interagieren, weshalb Brand Management, Flexibilität und Self-Service grundlegend sind.

  • No-Code gehostete Seiten für Ihre Abo-Pläne (und für einen schnellen Start)
  • Kundenportal für einfache Self-Service-Optionen
  • Umfangreiche Kundenprofile, um bei Marketing-, Sales- und Support-Themen personalisierten Service bieten zu können
Billwerk+ Feature

Manage your payments

Offering your customers their preferred payment methods, the right payment frequency and easy invoicing will not only increase conversions but also make sure that churn rates stay low.

  • A payment gateway with secure payment methods that is supporting recurring payment methods
  • Tokenization for Visa and Mastercard to automatically update card details
  • Acquirer independent, so you can choose the acquirer(s) with the best rates
Billwerk+ Feature
Integrations available from the payment gateaway to make a seamless transaction into your tech stack

Easy configuration & integration

Billwerk+ is made to integrate with your CRM, CSM or other platforms to enable proper payment and subscription flows. To make it easy for you (and your IT), we offer several integrations as well as an open API, so you can configure flows and communication.

  • Your choice: use our simple automated communication flow or develop your own
  • For a quick start, you can make use of our no-code hosted pages and customer portal
  • Use our webhooks in your own communication channels

Optimize your SaaS Billing

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Reduce fraud & Increase payment & data security

Trust is at the core of successful customer relationships, especially when it comes to recurring payments. Our billing software keeps your customers’ data safe and reduces fraud.

  • Integration of standard security solutions for fraud detection in our billing software
  • Geolocation options to check if a payment came from a different location or IP
  • Credit card tokens reduce fraud risks and keep sensitive card data secure
Payment methods available in Billwerk+. Presenting more than 50+
Billwerk+ Feature

Compliance & Made in the EU

The Billwerk+ subscription & payment platform is hosted in Europe and therefore adheres to all GDPR standards. Furthermore, it provides EU compliant invoices as well as international VAT and sales tax management.

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