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GraphHopper optimizes business processes with Billwerk+

“We are very satisfied with Billwerk+. Especially how well the complex change in 2017 succeeded and how good and fast the support from Billwerk+ is in general. In retrospect, the decision to switch to Billwerk+ was very important, probably even business critical.”
Peter Karich, Co-Founder GraphHopper


What was the initial situation like for GraphHopper? What were the challenges to be mastered?

Our customers are software companies, often from the logistics sector, who need an API for route planning and they purchase access to the API via a monthly subscription. We had set up the automated distribution of the subscription at the beginning with Fastbill (“Monsum”), but at Billwerk+ we found a much better and more reliable alternative at the end of 2017.

What possible solutions have you considered for meeting the technical / infrastructural challenge?

An in-house development was not planned for us from the beginning, as we focus on our core product. In addition to Fastbill, we also initially considered other suppliers such as stripe or recurly.

How did the solution with Billwerk+ differ from the others? Why did you ultimately decide to meet the challenge with Billwerk+?

For the German (and European) market, these providers did not yet have an optimal solution. Even though the share of German customers is only 25% for us, this was an important decision factor for us in addition to pricing and technical quality.

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How did the integration of Billwerk+ and the transformation of the organization work in connection with the solution?

The change from Fastbill to Billwerk+ was effortless. We even learned from the structuring of subscription businesses in Billwerk+ and were able to improve our processes. So we benefited from the technical know-how at a very early stage. The most difficult part was to migrate the existing customers to Billwerk+ without their involvement, because they should not have to enter their credit card information again when switching to Billwerk+. This was made possible by heidelpay’s integration in Billwerk+ in 2017 and then the project could be implemented relatively quickly and easily in close feedback with Billwerk+.

How does the solution work today? What is your conclusion?

Our subscription management is finally working smoothly. The ordering process, up- and downgrades, cancellations and reactivations are fully automated, custom packages are also easily possible and we benefit from a fast and friendly service when we have questions very quickly. We often met with frustration with the former provider of our subscription software – now it works smoothly and reliably in the background, as expected. And if there are problems with payments, they are documented in detail and we can of course react automatically.

In addition, Billwerk+ gives us a good insight into our business development (reporting) and valuable support on issues such as accounting and contract documentation from the customer.

Do you have any helpful tips for other CIOs/project managers who are also facing a similar challenge?

The pricing of the subscription software is an important decision factor. Ask for an adapted offer if certain key data of the standard price model are suboptimal. Of course, not only the price is important. Therefore, let the technical managers try out the subscription software and take their time. Because a payment or subscription provider is not changed so quickly anymore. Let yourself be informed by several references.

About GraphHopper

GraphHopper GmbH was founded in Munich in 2016 and opened offices in Berlin and Hoyerswerda just a few months later. With the GraphHopper Directions API they offer all tools for route and tour planning and also for the end user application.

More than 2000 leading companies are already relying on Billwerk+, the European market leader for subscription management and payment solutions.

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