TVNow subscription: TV series and films on demand

The TVNOW subscription is a video-on-demand offer of the RTL media group, operated by RTL interactive GmbH. The service was launched in 2007 under the name RTLnow. The name was changed to TVNow on 1 March 2016.


  • Company name: RTL interactive GmbH
  • Industry: Streaming / VOD
  • Product: Video Streaming
  • Formation:  2007
  • Location: Cologne
  • Founder: Jan Wachtel
  • Number of employees: 18 (according to LinkedIn)
  • Turnover: 513 million euros (1st half of 2019)
  • Subscription-based model since: since 2012
  • Product costs: Free: €0/month, TVNow Premium: €4.99/month, TVNow Premium+: €7.99/month


TVNow subscription: Video on Demand for TV series

At the beginning, it was only possible to watch series and films from the RTL channel, in keeping with the name RTL TVNow. This was gradually followed by content from other channels of the RTL media group such as VOX, VOXup, RTLZWEI, NITRO, TOGGO plus, SUPER RTL and ntv. Exclusive own content is also produced. According to RTL Group, revenue increased by 21% in the first half of 2019. The offer is available in two variants: the free version, which can simply be used via browser, and the paid premium package with an extended offer.

TVNow subscription: Premium – even more content on demand

In the free package of the TVNow subscription, content can be accessed free of charge. Series, shows, news, magazines and documentaries are available on TV for up to 7 days after broadcast. After that time, some episodes or shows can be purchased individually and then watched as often as desired for 24 hours. TVNow Free can be accessed via the browser.

For those who want more choice and flexibility, the TVNow Premium subscription is an option. After booking the Premium package, the user receives access to an archive with more than 500 formats. In addition, there are 13 live streams, exclusive content, HD quality and access to entire seasons – even before the TV broadcast. Commercial breaks are also eliminated with the TVNow Premium subscription. The price is 4.99 per month.

It is possible to test TVNow free of charge. After registering, you can access the Premium offer for 30 days. After that, the TVNow subscription can be cancelled at any time with 30 days’ notice. The TVNow Premium package can be streamed on all Android and iOS devices via the associated TVNow Premium app.

For those who want more extras in addition to the TVNow Premium package, the TVNow Premium+ package is offered. The TVNow costs here amount to 7.99 euros per month (2020). Users can also stream in parallel on different devices, download content is available and numerous titles are also available in the original version.

The TVNow subscription in practice

To access TVNow content, you can either use your computer or the TVNow app on mobile devices. The TVNow Premium subscription can also be conveniently accessed on the TV via Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Chromecast and AirPlay.

This is how to register on TVNow: No registration is required for the free version of TVNow. However, if you register voluntarily by entering an email address, you can put individual series and content on your watchlist. With the free version, the content can then be accessed via Video on Demand as streaming in the browser. After taking out a TVNow Premium subscription, the user has access to the premium offers and receives a higher picture quality.

The offer can also be used within Europe. Excluded from this offer are live streams and some content that cannot be offered in every country for licensing reasons. The payment is made by SEPA direct debit or via PayPal. The TVNow Premium package can also be booked directly on the Fire TV Stick via Amazon.

Video on Demand – the future of television?

Video on demand is convenient, can be used anywhere and is flexible. The demand of younger viewers in particular has also been recognised by the classic television broadcasters and, like the RTL Media Group, they also offer their content online. However, the market leaders in streaming services are still the large providers such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

A great advantage of offers such as the TVNow subscription is that classic TV channels can also be used without a TV connection. All that is needed is an internet connection or a mobile data tariff. In addition to free media libraries, such as those offered by public broadcasters, other broadcasters also offer their content for a fee with premium models.

The RTL Media Group has been on the market for many years with its TVNow subscription. The production of its own exclusive content, similar to that of the provider Netflix, has led to an increase in user numbers and offers added value compared to the classic television program.