The Billwerk+ Wiki – your wiki for everything related to the subscription economy, subscription management, and payment solutions. Here you will find basic knowledge, definitions and information about the most important companies in the subscription industry.

Mobile payment, or M-payment, refers to the financial transaction carried out via a smartphone or other smart device.

Average revenue per account (sometimes known as average revenue per user or per unit), usually abbreviated to ARPA, is a measure of revenue generated per [...]

Churn occurs when customers or subscribers discontinue their relationship with a company or service. Accordingly, the so-called churn rate is the [...]

Return on Assets, or ROA for short, is characterized in the market as the yield on assets because it represents a company’s ability to generate profits [...]

Everything as a Service or Anything as a Service (XaaS) is the principle that all kinds of products, machines are available as a service. The trend is [...]

PAYZR from DMG MORI stands for "Pay with Zero Risk". It offers customers the use of a software product or hardware with minimal costs and thus [...]

Quote to Cash (QTC or Q2C) is an information technology term that can be defined as the entire process chain of a trading company, from the creation of [...]

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a range of programs needed for creative editing such as graphic design, photo editing and web development and photography.

Order to cash, or OTC or O2C for short, is the term used to describe the entire purchasing process in a company – i.e. from the order to the receipt of [...]

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