The Billwerk+ Wiki – your wiki for everything related to the subscription economy, subscription management, and payment solutions. Here you will find basic knowledge, definitions and information about the most important companies in the subscription industry.

The so-called return on investment, or ROI for short, is a key figure that reflects the success in relation to the capital employed.

Languages via app - the Babbel learning platform has been offering its users this option since 2007. Its promise: Speak your new language the way [...]

Grover is one of the European market leaders in the field of rental of consumer electronics. With this, the Berlin-based company is focusing on the [...]

The mobility trend does not stop at fitness studios. The workouts should also be individual and flexible. Instead of a local gym, fitness enthusiasts now [...]

The Central User Guide of the Forum Electronic Invoice Germany, ZUGFeRD format for short, is an electronic data format for the exchange of invoices. What [...]

American Express is a New York-based financial services provider that is best known worldwide for its credit card, the American Express Credit Card, or [...]

MasterCard is a US-based financial services and payment card provider. These include credit cards, debit cards and credit cards. In Central Europe, the [...]

Credit and debit card payment is one of the most common payment methods worldwide. Whether it comes to retail or online shopping, offering credit and [...]

More flexibility in the mobility market. This is the goal of the Rottendorf-based company Faaren. Faaren itself takes on the role of intermediary and [...]

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