EBICS | House Bank Integration | Billwerk+

EBICS house bank integration – Transfer data quickly and securely

With the integration of EBICS in Billwerk+ we offer you the automatic transfer of SEPA direct debit instructions directly to the house bank as well as the automatic receipt of electronic bank account statements for account reconciliation in Billwerk+. In this way, payments by bank transfer can also be automatically reconciled in Billwerk+.

EBICS stands for “Electronic Banking Internet Communication Standard”. It offers corporate customers the possibility of processing Internet-based payment transactions with the bank quickly and flexibly with the highest level of security.


The prerequisite for this is that you have concluded a contract for the use of EBICS with your bank and you need a user with individual signature authorisation. Please note that banks may also charge a small fee for this. When using EBICS after the pilot phase, additional fees will be charged in Billwerk+.