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LegalTegrity relies on Billwerk+

“As an innovative LegalTech company, the search for a suitable subscription management was not easy – with Billwerk+ we have found a solution that fits our needs perfectly.”
Dr. Thomas Altenbach, CEO & Founder LegalTegrity


What was the initial situation like for LegalTegrity? What were the challenges to be mastered?

LegalTegrity was still in the intensive phase of product development when, with sales activities soon to start, the question arose: How do we handle our business with partners and customers? As a LegalTech company, there was a lot of focus from the very beginning on aspects of data security and compliance as well as integration possibilities with our own platform.

What possible solutions have you considered for meeting the technical / infrastructural challenge?

The priority was full functionality with high performance, which ruled out an in-house developed environment. Therefore, we focused on a vendor assessment of external software providers. Within a short time, we had a short list of providers and a good picture of the available options, from which we ultimately chose Billwerk+.

How did the solution with Billwerk+ differ from the others? Why did you ultimately decide to meet the challenge with Billwerk+?

Of all the providers, Billwerk+ was the best fit for our business model. In particular, Billwerk+ scored with its high security standards and the multiple integration and automation options thanks to the excellent API. It was also important to have the most direct contact possible with the provider, including their development resources. Taipan ideally complemented the search by project planning the selection process and practical experience from comparable projects.

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How did the integration of Billwerk+ and the transformation of the organization work in connection with the solution?

Our LegalTech product is constantly evolving, so it was important for us to have a firm basis for ongoing product development. After our development team had familiarised themselves with the API, we were quickly able to simulate the first test runs in Billwerk+. During this time, our sprints were naturally heavily influenced by the integration of Billwerk+ into our product architecture, which in retrospect paid off greatly.

How does the solution work today? What is your conclusion?

Our business is rapidly gaining momentum. Thanks to the integration with Hubspot, the processes are automated as much as possible, which saves our sales department valuable resources. The time-consuming initial search and integration is worth it, even if there seems to be little room for it in the operational business at first.

Do you have any helpful tips for other project managers in the field of LegalTech who are also facing a similar challenge?

On the provider side, we emphasised two aspects: Competence and customer focus. Billwerk+ was able to convince us in both respects, as competitors often proved to be less approachable, or the access to professional know-how was often limited.

About LegalTegrity

LegalTegrity is the digital whistleblowing solution for small and medium-sized enterprises.

The unique solution for anonymous and digital collaboration between your company and internal and external whistleblowers protects you from scandals and breaches of the law within your organisation. Simple, reliable and secure.

The innovative LegalTech software solution was developed specifically for the needs and requirements of SMEs and allows incidents to be reported anonymously online or by phone.

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