Prestashop Checkout Payment gateway

Billwerk+ Checkout third party plugins are user-friendly and very easy to use – a simple, fast and secure way to accept payments on your eCommerce site. All third party plugin comes with ionCube protection

prestashop checkout - plugin

What can you get with the Prestashop checkout payment gateway

PrestaShop gives you a highly flexible and scalable ecommerce platform to launch an online business, that is 100% designed and owned by you. PrestaShop has all the ecommerce features you need. With PrestaShop, you can develop your commerce online and grow your business. The Billwerk+ Checkout plugin for PrestaShop can be found at

  • Test mode
  • Window
  • Mobile
  • Logs
  • Order status for Authorized
  • Order status for Pending
  • Order status for Failed transactions

Before installation

We always recommend that you back up your webshop before installing a module. Use of the plugin is at your own risk and we can only provide limited support for installation and use of the integration.

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