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A crucial step to get the cash flow going in your new e-commerce webshop is to get an acquiring agreement. With access to a great variety payment methods from Billwerk+, your customers can shop and pay with the methods they prefer.

In order to get these, you need the acquiring agreement, as the acquiring bank is an important part of the payment process chain from the payment gateway to the customer’s bank and then back to you.

In order to get an acquiring agreement, your website needs to fulfill certain conditions that the acquiring banks require.

Follow this checklist to ensure that your website meets the requirements!

  • Terms and conditions

    Your website must have terms and conditions easily available for the customer, and it must comply with EU consumer law.

    Download our Terms and conditions checklist.

  • Subscription Terms and Conditions


    If you offer services or product on subscriptions, your terms and conditions must contain a section about this, with information about:

    • Payment conditions; when are payments drawn from the customers card? E.g. every 1st day of the month
    • That the company protects and hide the cardholder’s card information
    • How a customer can start a subscription to your service
    • How a customer can unsubscribe from your service
    • Relevant information such as notice period, receipt given after purchase etc.
  • Refund and Shipping conditions

    You need to inform the customer about delivery time to each country you ship to, cancellation time on your products/services and shipping address for returns.

  • Descriptor Name

    State the name of the descriptor that will appear on the cardholders bank statement after purchasing your product or service. This makes it clear for the customer to see to whom they have made a purchase. Usually the descriptor name is the company’s URL, but other names can be used. It is important that the descriptor name can relate to your webshop, especially if you choose to not use your URL.

  • Customer Service Information

    Make it easy for your customers to find contact information to your customer service, such as phone number and email.

  • Privacy Policy

    Ensure your customers that their privacy is protected in accordance with GDPR regulations.

  • Product Descriptions

    Description of your products and services, including prices and fees.

  • Card logos

    Show the logos of the payment cards you accept, e.g. in the payment window or the footer of your website.

  • Company information

    Display your company name, registration number and registered address. In your webshop checkout process, you also need to display the location of your company.

Good to know:

  • All card information must be held on a SSL secured page or connection
  • Your customers must accept your terms and conditions before completing a purchase of a service, product or subscription, and you need to have a clickable link to your terms and conditions directing the customers to them
  • When your customers have completed a payment on your website, they must see and receive a receipt of the product they have bought

Get your acquiring agreement

If you don’t already have an agreement with an acquirer, log in to your Billwerk+ Platform to get set up with a suitable acquirer,
who will contact you to set you up. For a step by step guide to fill in your acquiring application, please see this Help Center article.

If you already have an acquiring agreement in the same category as your new webshop, all you need to do is link it to your live Billwerk+ account.
Should you need any help or have any questions, our support is happy to help you.

Billwerk+ is acquirer independent, and we collaborate with several acquiring banks to get you the deal that suits you and your company the best. Our collaborating acquirers can cover your various payment method needs, depending on where you aim your business.

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  • Setup your payment gateway
  • Integrate into your webshop -> See all our e-commerce plugins
  • Configure our account and attach your acquirer agreement
  • Activate and set your account live

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