Swedbank pay is a partner of Billwerk. They help our merchants as an acquirer to secure the payments that they get from their customers.

About Swedbank Pay

Swedbank Pay is a major Nordic bank offering financial services, including merchant acquiring, and is one of the acquiring services Billwerk+ is collaborating with.

With Swedbank Pay, you get a trustworthy and customer-centric payment solution provider, whether you need an in-store or online solution.

Swedbank Pay streamlines card payments, terminals and online transactions. Swedbank Pay handles over 3 billion transactions annually and is one of the largest acquirers in the Nordics, with branches in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.

As more and more commerce moves online, Swedbank Pay is committed to continuing to give both buyers and sellers the same peace of mind as they always have. They process your payment information securely and help you with the integration of your payment solution.

Swedbank Pay can help every business, from start-ups to large customers, who all get the same benefits with Swedbank Pay:

  • Gross settlement – Turnover is paid out 1-to-1, i.e. Swedbank Pay does not deduct card fees at payout but sends an invoice after the end of the month
  • Fast payout – 2 business days
  • Fast and efficient customer service and support
  • No monthly or set-up fees